Caernarfon: A World Heritage Site

More About Caernarfon

Caernarfon is open all year, easy to get to by road, and offers a range of top quality attractions within easy reach, some great events and exhilarating activities both in the town and in the mountains of Snowdonia close by. We're very proud of our town. it's a place where all the family can relax and have some fun! There are plenty of great independent shops and places to grab something to eat or drink .

We hope you make Caernarfon your holiday, short break, or day trip choice, and we look forwarding to welcoming you here!

Castle Square -Y Maes

The dramatic open Square is the heart of the town, with streets branching off in all directions and great vistas of the imposing castle at its West end.

The Language of Heaven

Welsh is a Celtic language and is more closely linked to Breton than either Scots or Irish Gaelic. It has been used as a written language since AD600, which makes it one of the oldest languages, especially when you consider that two of the most widely used European languages - French and German - were not used until 300 years later.

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