Caernarfon: A World Heritage Site
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Welcome to Caernarfon

Caernarfon is an historic market town on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park.

This special place was a favourite of Celtic Princes and Roman Emperors, and today as well as being the Welshest town in the world - more than 80% of residents speak Welsh as a first language (but also speak English) it forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to its imposing 13th Century castle.


The town was famously fortified by King Edward I and was represented by Lloyd-George, the fiery Welsh Prime Minister of Britain during the First World War. Visit today and you’ll touch that history in the ancient walled town and in the castle. But you’ll also discover that Caernarfon is much more!


Explore the town and you’ll discover that it truly is the Celtic Heart of Wales. You’ll find a warm Welsh welcome in shops full of traditional products. In the wide variety of eating places, you can sample fare made from the freshest local ingredients.


Everywhere you’ll hear the lilt of Welsh being spoken. Today this ancient language thrives across the whole county of Gwynedd. Welsh is a Celtic language and is more closely linked to Cornish and Breton than either the Scots or Irish Gaelic. As it is phonetic, it is easier to pronounce than it might at first appear. Give it a go!


Caernarfon is also the perfect base from which to explore the rugged peaks and sandy beaches of beautiful North Wales.

This is a land of secret discoveries, of villages nestled in tiny valleys and coves, of winding country roads made for walking or cycling, of sunsets over the Irish Sea and sunrises over the mountains of Snowdonia.

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Caernarfon at the heart of Snowdonia

Much more than just a Castle! Stay to enjoy the town.

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Caernarfon Town Guide

Click here to view the Caernarfon Town Guide.

Things to do

We have listed a wide variety of attractions and activities for you to enjoy your stay here in Caernarfon. After visitng the Castle and town, why not try your hand at climbing or kayaking, or simply enjoy live music at the local pubs. We also have a number of annual festivals going on around the town, and plenty of opportunities for you to pop in to some of the shops and maybe grab a bite to eat .

We’ve something for everyone here in Caernarfon!

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